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Remote industries often face significant challenges in terms of connectivity and communication. The INSTANET Advanced Internet Router can be a game-changer for businesses operating in such environments, providing them with reliable internet access and a range of features to maintain consistent operations. Below are different ways remote industries. can leverage INSTANET features to enhance their business:

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By combining multiple internet connections, INSTANET ensures that remote industries have a stable and fast internet connection, which is essential for day-to-day operations.
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Load Balancing
This feature distributes network traffic across several connections, preventing any single internet line from becoming a bottleneck, thus ensuring efficient use of available bandwidth.

Seamless Communication


With the failover capability, if one internet connection fails, INSTANET automatically switches to another available connection, ensuring that the business remains online without interruption.


The Hardware Defined Wide Area Network (HDWAN) allows multiple remote locations to connect together seamlessly, facilitating easy communication and data sharing across different sites.

Optimizing Cloud Services

Cloud NAT

INSTANET’s Cloud NAT feature allows remote industries to access cloud services more securely and efficiently, without the need for complex configurations.

Enhancing Operational Stability

Server Load Balancer

For businesses that run their own servers, INSTANET’s server load balancer ensures that traffic is evenly distributed, enhancing the stability and responsiveness of their online services.

Industry Vertical Challenges and Solutions
Industry Vertical Challenges INSTANET Solutions LIVEBOX Solutions
Oil & Gas
Connectivity in remote exploration sites
Reliable internet for data transfer
Monitor operations in real-time
Communication with offsite management
On-site live updates
Share live operational metrics
Internet access in deep sea
High-speed internet for ships
Stream navigation data
Real-time market access for farmers
Internet for market data analysis
Livestream auctions
Wildlife Conservation
Connectivity in reserves
Portable internet solutions
Live wildlife cameras for monitoring
Emergency Services
Quick deployment in disasters
Rapidly deployable internet
Live crisis response streaming
Events & Tourism
Providing guest connectivity
High-density Wi-Fi solutions
Stream events/promotions live
Remote learning in underserved areas
Internet for virtual classrooms
Broadcast educational content

Feature Presentation

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Emphasize reliability and

Showcase ease of deployment and

Empathizing with Business Conditions

Show understanding of geographical constraints and connectivity issues.

Highlight cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Discuss scalability and long-term support.



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