Internet, right, and when you need it


We understand that serveral locations lack reliable internet connectivity. This can be a major challenge for businesses and organizations operating in these areas, as they need help to keep their operations running smoothly.

We offer consultation services using our Instanet Internet Generator v2.0 technology for locations with low or no network connectivity. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best solution tailored specifically to your needs by taking into account factors such as budget constraints & infrastructure limitaitons

We provide customized solutions leveraging IVB7’s DirectLink framework, which uses multi-network communication protocols allowing secure connections between remote office locations even if there are intermittent disruptions within networks; this ensures maximum uptime plus reliability regardless of whether users are located within urban centers or rural landscapes.

Our Turbo Bonding feature allows us to bond multiple interfaces (cellular/wifi/satellite), thereby providing a high-speed unified connection great enough to support bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing without any lag time, irrespective of user location

Through our consultation service, we also help clients set up failover mechanisms ensuring seamless switching among different available interfaces so business-critical tasks continue uninterrupted during brief outages due to weather conditions/technical issues affecting one interface at a given point

Furthermore, We assist cutomers in deploying various networking equipment such as routers, switches, and access points compatible with Instanet Internet Generator v2.0 technology to ensure seamless integration for optimal performance.

Our consultation services also include training on how to use the various features of our product for clients to maximize their benefits, thereby increasing productivity within their operations even when network connectivity is low or non-existent

We work closely with businesses operating in areas where there’s limited internet access, including transport companies providing public transportation services over long distances, especially rural routes, emergency response agencies tasked with ensuring safety during disasters & remote healthcare providers looking into telemedicine opportunities among other sectors

In summary, we understand the challenges faced by organizations working in locations without reliable internet connections; thus our consultation service using IVB7’s DirectLink framework plus robust failover mechanisms supported by the Turbo Bonding feature ensures maximum uptime regardless of whether users are located within urban centers or far-flung regions. Our team of experts will provide you with customized solutions tailored specifically to your unique needs while guiding you doing you along every stem till the implementation stage


We also provide ongoing technical support to ensure that your network infrastructur remains up and running at all times.

Our consultation services are ideal for businessed operating in remote locations, such as mining companies, oil rigs, or construction sites, where reliable internet connectivity is crucial but not assured due to distance/location challenges.

We understand the importance of having a solid digital presence regardless of location hence our solutions enable customers to access cloud-based applications & other online resources without latency issues, thereby increasing efficieny plus productivity within operations

Our Instanet Internet Generator v2.0 technology provides cutting-edge networking features, including load balancing and failover mechanisms supported by the Turbo Bonding feature, ensuring maximum uptime; making it an excellent choice for organizations looking to optimize their networks while mitigating risks associated with low/no connectivity areas

In conclusion, if you’re struggling with limited or no network connectivity in your area and need expert guidance on approaching this challenge, look no further than Instanet’s consultation service using IVB7’s DirectLink framework, which ensures secure high-speed unified connections via multi-network communication protocols.



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