Instanet bonding router has multiple features, apart from merely increasing the speed of the internet or providing uninterrupted internet. The bonding router can:



The internet will not be available everywhere and always, especially during travel. Instanet bonding devices can provide stable bandwidth and speed even on the move. Through traffic load-balancing, passengers on buses, trains, and fleets can browse without network breakage. This feature in the router is highly useful for mobile clinics and ambulances.

How does the Snap Balancer work?

This feature has two load-balancing methods:

Round Robin Method

The Round Robin feature systematically shifts from one SIM to another SIM in an order that is highly useful for browsing, and the other features provide high-speed internet based on the highest percentage of the network available. This menthod does not set network priority.

Balanced Method

In this feature, the network is distributed equally and balanced and its range can be set up to 20%. In this method, the network priority is set.

This feature balances the available internet bandwidth either automatically or manually. It can exceptionally function and provide uninterrupted internet without bonding the low bandwidth network. Instanet has two methods of Snap Balancer as Roundrobin and Balanced method. In Roundrobin method, balancing occurs automatically from one network source to another based availability of network in each source and in Balanced method the priority of the source network is set manually for balancing. This feature is highly useful for browsing especially on the move (bus, trains, cars and trams). The shift occurs at a lightning speed that the live



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