Internet Based


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing requires stable bandwidth-intensive data transfer capabilities regardless of whether it’s being used within office premises or outside the office. Instanet’s bandwidth analytics feature provides real-time and historical data on bandwidth usage, which can be used to optimize network performance for video conferencing applications.

Emergency Services

In an emergency where multiple agencies are involved in responding to a crisis or disaster, reliable internet connectivity is critical for coordinating efforts between different teams across various locations as well as enabling fast communication with the control center, InstaNet failover technology ensures seamless switching of interfaces without any downtime ensuring continuous connection even when one interface goes down temporarily.


With the rising global population, demands for food production have increased dramatically over recent years requiring modern farming techniques which rely heavily on technology like sensors & IoT devices, InstaNet load balancing optimizes traffic distribution among different interfaces providing stable, uninterrupted connections between agricultural equipment/devices in fields plus farmhouses/offices.

Learning Management Systems

Educational institutions now offer distance learning programs that require reliable fast access to online resources, including video conferencing tools, digital libraries etc; using IVB7’s DirectLink framework helps educational organizations overcome bandwidth limitations by bonding multiple ISP links together ensuring seamless delivery of course material regardless whether students are accessing it from home/school/office.


Healthcare Services

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing industry where patients receive medical diagnoses via teleconferencing reducing travel time/costs while enabling rural areas greater access to specialist care through e-health services. Instanet Turbo Bonding provides faster response times when transmitting patient




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