What Additional capabilities does

Instanet bring to the table, aside from bonding?
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Maintain One IP for Life!

Effortlessly manage your network with our innovative solution that allows you to maintain a single IP address for a lifetime. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing IPs and enjoy seamless connectivity.

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Remote Gateway Access

Stay connected and productive from anywhere with our secure remote gateway access. Seamlessly access your network resources and systems remotely, ensuring productivity and flexibility even when you’re on the move.

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Direct link Framework

No matter where you are, Turbo Bonding effortlessly combines these interfaces into a unified powerhouse, delivering a supercharged connection. Enjoy uninterrupted video conferencing, stream HD content, and handle bandwidth-intensive applications with ease – all without any annoying delays or glitches.

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Multiple Branch office connector-HD WAN

Effortlessly connect multiple branch offices with our HD WAN feature. Ensure secure and high-speed communication between locations, fostering collaboration and productivity across your organisation .Take your connectivity to the next level with our revolutionary product. Explore a world of possibilities beyond bonding and unlock the true potential of your network infrastructure.



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