Bonding Device


Apart from the above types of devices, Livebox has a unique quality of flexibility and customising. It provides a solution to all kinds of customer demands. It is a highly advanced bonding device that can be configured to any sort of LAN and WAN ports through software settings.

It provides customers with various options for bonding the network. Instanet can efficiently bond 3G,4G, and 5G sim cards, and its efficiency can never be doubted with the mixed network generations. Instanet does not limit itself to Sim cards and can bond with multiple combinations of interfaces like sim cards, Lan cables, and Wifi.

The specifications of network bonding can be specialised in Instanet. Instanet is the only explicit product in the global market with a wifi bonding specialty. The Instanet is unique in a way that it can be customised to a specific and mixed type of devices which purely depends on the customer’s needs and requirements.




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