Need an ISP License to start your journey to becoming a Service provider? Before you start, You need a device like the Internet Generator to become an Internet related Service Provider. 


Internet Generator enables you to provide Internet related services to your clients. But how do you get the license after that?


Here’s your roadmap to obtaining an ISP license in India. This guide covers everything: from registering your company to finally launching your internet services. Each step is crucial, and we’ll break them down in detail.

1️⃣ Company Registration: Laying the Foundation 🏗️

Initial Steps ✨

      • Register a Private Limited or Public Limited company in India.

      • Ensure the objective of providing internet services is stated clearly in the Memorandum of Association (MoA).

    Why It Matters 🎯

        • The MoA sets the legal framework for your company.

        • Having a registered company is a prerequisite for applying for an ISP license.

      2️⃣ Unified License Application: The Master Key 🔑

      Types of Authorization 📜

          • Category A: National Area, Entry Fee: Rs. 30 Lakhs

          • Category B: Telecom Circle/Metro Area, Entry Fee: Rs. 2 Lakhs

          • Category C: Secondary Switching Area, Entry Fee: Rs. 20 Thousand

        How to Apply 📝

            • Submit your application to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for a Unified License with the chosen category of authorization.

          Essential Elements 🌟

              • The area of operation and the entry fee are the key variables here.

            3️⃣ Documentation: The Paper Trail 📂

            What You Need 📃

                • Company details

                • Board resolution

                • Network diagram

                • Bank guarantee

              Where to Find Them 💡

                  • All documents and application forms are available on the DoT website.

                4️⃣ Paying the Piper: License Fee & Spectrum Charges 💰

                The Costs 🏦

                    • License Fee: As per DoT guidelines

                    • Spectrum Charges: Additional, also as per DoT guidelines

                  Payment Method 💳

                      • Once your application is approved, you’ll receive guidance on how to complete the payment.

                    5️⃣ Getting the Green Light: License Approval 🚦

                    The Final Lap 🏁

                        • Obtain the license and authorization from the DoT.

                      Start Your Engines 🚀

                          • You can now start providing internet services in accordance with the license terms.

                        6️⃣ Service Launch: Connecting Worlds 🌐

                        The Real Deal 🎉

                            • Commence your internet services as per the terms and conditions of your license and authorization.

                          The Goal 🏆

                              • Congratulations! You’re now a legal ISP, ready to connect people to the world.

                            The Ultimate Guide Awaits 📖

                            These are the basic steps to get an ISP license in India. Each step can be a journey in itself, so make sure to dedicate the required time and resources.

                            A Dream Realized, A World Connected 🌟

                            By following these steps diligently, you won’t just be starting a business; you’ll be part of an elite group connecting people to unlimited possibilities. So why wait? Start your ISP journey now and be the catalyst for a better, more connected world.

                            For more information, check out the DoT website or consult an ISP consultant. Now go pave your digital highway! 




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