There is a special feature in Instanet that is capable of producing high speed internet with intensive bandwidth and it is known as Turbo Bonding.

Turbo Bonding can connect multiple interfaces (cellular/WLAN/satellite) together to provide a unified high-speed connection large enough to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as

video conferencing without delay, regardless of the



DirectLink Framework Hardware-Defined WAN is a state-of-the art technology based on a custom-made networking stack called DirectLink. IVB7’s DirectLink utilizes Multi-Network communication protocols for securely connecting multiple office locations. Bring multiple offices under one roof, no matter where they are located, instantly with no configuration complexities. Fast file transfers between multiple remote locations can be quickly accomplished through your private, secure link via the public internet.



Instanet is now equipped with a remote gateway through which employees and users can access internal systems remotely through a secure web interfaces. This is done using standard protocols such as RDP and VNC. Connecting multiple computers and providing access based on a user’s role is now a breeze. Instanet bonding server includes a remote gateway feature with User and Role-based access control to access your systems remotely. The remote gateway feature allows remote access through a web-based secure interface to multiple systems.




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