Instanet can be defined as a device that is used for bonding networks from two or more internet sources to produce one high speed reliable internet. Instanet remains unmindful of the source of the network for bonding, It can be from the cable wires, fiber optics, WIFI, and sim cards and the bonding output is produced with the highest efficiency bonding.

The device is manufactured in such a way that the client can have individual control over every particular slot of the network source. The client has full freedom to set the master slots and backup slots, if in case the client is unmindful of it, the device can automatically set the master slot and backup slots based on the network availability.



The most mesmerising part of Instanet is its flexibility. One reliable high speed internet connection can be created by bonding multiple sources of internet, or it can be customised exclusively to one source to provide seamless internet. To put it in a more simpler form, 4 sim cards from various network providers can be placed on each sim slot seperately and the output can be received like a broadband.

There is 100% transparency of network bandwidth speed. There is a graphic representation of bandwidth data for individual slots based on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The bandwidth rate of the bonded internet can also be seen. Apart from the speed of the internet and bandwidth intensity, the device provides data on the following factors:



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