This feature is highly useful in large buildings like malls, theatres, and auditoriums where a large crowd of people uses the same network for multiple purposes. This feature functions in two modes:

WIFI (Client)

In this mode, the bonding device scans for available WiFi networks in its surrounding and receives an internet connections.



In this mode, it produces a high-speed internet connection and makes it available to more than 3-4 devices. In this mode, the device acts as a source network.

Instanet bonding device has two modes in it as Client mode and WIFI mode. In the client mode the bonding device acts as a receiver of the internet to bond the network to produce high speed internet. In the Wifi mode the bonding device is ready to bond the source internet to produce a high-speed internet. This is highly recommended for domestic purposes like in small offices, party halls, auditoriums and homes.



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