Through this feature the clients can reserve one public IP address for their lifetime through IP Reservations. Even if the device is disconnected and has been reconnected after a long period of time the reserved IP address remains the same. Even if the location is changed the Reserved IP address for the already connected device remains unchanged. This feature increases the privacy of the client.



In this feature the client can provide a unique name to the connected devices rather than to remember the IP address for each connected device. This feature was highly useful to maintain multiple connected devices at the same time, especially on an office basis.


The bonding device provides 100% transparency of Bandwidth (In Bandwidth and Out Bandwidth) and speed of the available internet and bonded internet along with the support IP, LAN IP address and Public IP address. On the Home screen page under the System Details the information regarding the usage of CPU, Memory Disk along with the Disk Read and Disk Write details are present.

The Instanet Dashboard provides details of:


In this feature the availability of the internet can be traced on two approaches:



This feature checks the availability of the internet in each interface and it is one of the easiest methods to know the availability of the internet. The settings can be set based on the requirements of the clients.



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