Case Study




Uninterrupted High-Speed Internet for Remote Mining Locations with Instanet’s Turbo Bonding Technology


A mining client needed uninterrupted high-speed internet in a remote location where wired internet is unavailable. A high-speed internet connection is essential for mining fields to communicate accurately because delayed or broken voice communication can lead to a mishap.

A phenomenal solution for this client is Turbo Bonding or Multi-Network Bonding Technology. Instanet can bond any type of service provider on 3G/4G and 5G and provide uninterrupted high-speed internet. Any type of SIM card will fit perfectly in the Instanet SIM slots. The SIM door shutters will prevent the device from dust and simultaneously increase the accuracy of the SIM card readability. The Instacore bonding server was deployed on-premise to enable remote management and monitoring of the devices. The battery of Instanet has 8 hrs of durability with the perfect bonding speed.




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