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Failover Made Simple

Instanet's Key to Seamless Transitions

Seamless Network Transition

Automatic Switching

Instanet's failover mechanism operates autonomously, swiftly detecting any disruption in the primary network and seamlessly transitioning to an alternate network without requiring manual intervention. This automatic switching ensures minimal downtime and uninterrupted internet connectivity, crucial for businesses where even brief interruptions can result in significant productivity losses and operational inefficiencies.

Network Sensitivity

Instanet's failover feature is engineered to be highly sensitive to network anomalies and failures. It continuously monitors network health indicators such as latency, packet loss, and signal strength to promptly identify any degradation in network performance or service interruptions. By proactively detecting issues, Instanet ensures swift action to mitigate the impact on business operations, enhancing overall reliability and user experience.

User Transparency

Instanet provides users with real-time visibility into the status of network connections and failover operations through intuitive dashboards and alerts. Users can easily monitor the health and performance of their network infrastructure, receive notifications about any network incidents or failover events, and access detailed reports for post-event analysis and troubleshooting. This transparency empowers users to make informed decisions regarding connectivity management, enabling them to take proactive measures to optimize network performance and mitigate risks.

Business Continuity

Instanet's failover capability is designed to safeguard business continuity by ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity, even in the face of network disruptions or failures. By automatically switching to alternative networks in response to primary network failures, Instanet minimizes downtime and maintains seamless access to critical applications, data, and services. This resilience is particularly vital for businesses operating in mission-critical environments where any interruption in internet connectivity can have far-reaching consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and regulatory compliance issues.

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Compatibility with Various Networks

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Instanet is compatible with a wide range of internet connection types, including 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular networks, as well as Wi-Fi and wired connections. This multi-network support enables businesses to leverage diverse connectivity options based on their specific requirements, network availability, and geographic location. Whether operating in urban areas with high-speed broadband or remote regions with limited coverage, Instanet ensures seamless connectivity across different network environments, enhancing flexibility and resilience.

Multi-Network Support

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Instanet harnesses the transformative potential of 5G technology to deliver unprecedented speed, reliability, and low latency. When connected to a 5G network, Instanet automatically optimizes its operations to leverage the superior performance of 5G connections, ensuring blazing-fast internet speeds and responsive performance for bandwidth-intensive applications and services. In instances where 5G coverage is unavailable or limited, Instanet seamlessly switches to alternative networks, such as 4G or 3G, to maintain continuous connectivity without compromising performance.

5G Capabilities

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Instanet offers support for multiple SIM cards from different network providers, allowing businesses to establish redundant connections and diversify their network coverage. By integrating multiple SIM cards into a single device, Instanet enhances network reliability and resilience, reducing the risk of service disruptions due to carrier outages, network congestion, or geographic limitations. This multi-SIM support also enables businesses to leverage competitive pricing plans, negotiate better terms with carriers, and optimize cost-efficiency in their connectivity strategy.

Multi-SIM Support

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While 5G represents the future of wireless connectivity, Instanet remains backward-compatible with existing 3G and 4G networks, ensuring broad coverage and compatibility with legacy infrastructure. This backward compatibility is essential for businesses operating in regions where 5G coverage is still in the early stages of deployment or for applications that require reliable connectivity in areas with limited network infrastructure. By supporting 3G and 4G technologies, Instanet ensures continuity of service and seamless transitions between different generations of cellular networks, maximizing flexibility and adaptability for diverse deployment scenarios.

3G and 4G Support

Optimal for Multi-Location Businesses

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HDWAN Integration

Instanet seamlessly integrates with High-Definition Wide Area Network (HDWAN) technology, providing businesses with stable and secure connections across multiple locations.


Remote Connectivity

Instanet's failover feature extends reliable connectivity to remote branches and offsite locations, ensuring continuous access to critical applications and resources.


Central Management

Instanet centralizes network management and administration, providing IT administrators with a unified platform to monitor and control network connections from a central location.


Data Flow Security

Instanet ensures secure data transfer during failover events, preserving the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive business information.

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Enhanced for High-Demand Applications

Load Balancer Integration

Instanet seamlessly integrates with its load balancer functionality to manage network traffic effectively during failover events. By dynamically distributing incoming traffic across multiple connections, Instanet's load balancer ensures optimal resource utilization and prevents network congestion, even during peak usage periods or when transitioning between different networks. This integration enhances performance and user experience for high-demand applications and services, such as video streaming, online gaming, or VoIP communication, by maintaining consistent network performance and minimizing latency and packet loss.

Streaming and High Bandwidth Applications

nstanet's failover feature is particularly well-suited for businesses involved in streaming or other high-bandwidth applications that require continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity. Whether live streaming events, transmitting large files, or hosting video conferences, Instanet ensures seamless service delivery by automatically switching to alternative networks in the event of primary network failures or degradation. This reliability is critical for businesses relying on real-time communication or media delivery to maintain audience engagement, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

Multiple WAN Connections

Instanet supports bonding or load balancing of multiple Wide Area Network (WAN) connections, providing increased redundancy and performance for mission-critical applications and services. By aggregating bandwidth from multiple connections, Instanet enhances data throughput and resilience, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and user experience. Whether leveraging diverse internet connections for backup purposes or maximizing bandwidth for high-demand applications, Instanet's support for multiple WAN connections offers flexibility, scalability, and reliability for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Continuous Service Delivery

Instanet's failover feature guarantees uninterrupted service delivery, ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction, even in the face of network disruptions or failures. By automatically switching to alternative networks with minimal downtime or service interruption, Instanet ensures that critical business operations remain unaffected, minimizing revenue loss, reputational damage, and customer churn. This continuous service delivery capability is particularly essential for service-based industries, such as retail, hospitality, or healthcare, where any interruption in internet connectivity can impact customer experience, loyalty, and revenue generation.


User Interface

Instanet boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that empowers administrators to easily monitor and manage network connectivity.


Real-Time Analytics

Instanet offers real-time analytics capabilities that provide valuable insights into network usage, performance, and reliability.

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User-Friendly Interface and Analytics


Network Reports

Instanet generates comprehensive reports on network performance, outage incidents, and failover events, enabling administrators to conduct in-depth analysis and post-mortems.


Transparency and Control

Instanet offers transparency and control over failover operations, allowing administrators to monitor and manage network switches with confidence.

Adaptable for Various Industrial Needs

Customizable Settings

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Instanet's failover feature offers customizable settings that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements and operational needs of different industries. Administrators can configure failover parameters, such as failover triggers, timeout thresholds, and network priorities, to align with industry-specific use cases, compliance requirements, and risk tolerances. This flexibility enables organizations to adapt Instanet's failover capabilities to their specific operational workflows, security policies, and business continuity plans, ensuring optimal performance and resilience in any environment.

Deployment Flexibility

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Instanet offers deployment flexibility, allowing organizations to deploy its failover capabilities in a variety of environments, from traditional office spaces to remote outdoor locations. Whether installed in data centers, branch offices, or remote sites, Instanet seamlessly integrates into existing network infrastructures, complementing existing hardware, software, and connectivity solutions. Its plug-and-play setup, scalable architecture, and rugged construction make Instanet suitable for deployment in diverse environments and use cases, providing organizations with the flexibility to adapt and expand their network infrastructure as needed.

Automotive and Mobile Applications

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Instanet's robust failover feature makes it well-suited for use in automotive and mobile applications that require constant and reliable internet connectivity on the go. Whether deployed in vehicles, buses, or mobile command centers, Instanet ensures seamless communication, data transfer, and application access, even in remote or dynamic environments. With its rugged design, compact form factor, and versatile connectivity options, Instanet provides automotive and mobile operators with a dependable solution for staying connected and productive wherever their operations take them.

Sector-Specific Solutions

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Instanet offers sector-specific solutions tailored to the unique connectivity challenges and operational requirements of different industries. Whether in healthcare, finance, media, or beyond, Instanet provides specialized configurations, features, and services that address industry-specific use cases, compliance mandates, and performance benchmarks. By delivering sector-specific solutions, Instanet enables organizations to optimize network performance, enhance data security, and ensure regulatory compliance, supporting their mission-critical operations and strategic objectives with confidence and peace of mind.

Future-Proof and Scalable

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Upgradable Firmware

Instanet's failover feature is built on a foundation of upgradable firmware, ensuring compatibility with future technological advancements and security updates.

Scalable Infrastructure

Instanet's failover feature is designed to scale with organizational growth and evolving network demands, supporting more devices and larger deployments as needed.

Innovative Technology Adoption

Instanet continuously integrates innovative technologies like 5G, HDWAN, and advanced security protocols into its failover feature to stay ahead of the curve in connectivity solutions.

Long-Term Investment

Instanet's failover feature represents a long-term investment in reliable and adaptable internet infrastructure for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Livebox | Failover